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Saturday, June 29th

One night in Toronto, when conversations of their favourite live bands led to dreams of being their own favourite live band, Zuffalo was born. The members of the band are students of music, teachers of music, and continue to learn from their own songwriting every day. They started as a back-up band for local blues musicians and started to have long improvised jams in rehearsal rooms in downtown Toronto. Soon, songs were formed, and their unique funky psychedelic rock sound was established.     


Zuffalo’s music is groove-driven, uplifting psychedelic rock with folk- and pop-based melodies and harmonies. With funky beats and monstrous riffs that can enter realms of blues and hard rock, their songs consist of instrumental sections where the musicians communicate with each other to create unique stories in sound. Soaked in rich harmonies, the lyrics are about love but are also laced with quirky metaphors, and often touch on subjects of science fiction and nature. Since the musicians are always reacting to the vibe in the room, this makes the Zuffalonian audience essential, and Zuffalo always aims to keep their audience groovin’.   

 In 2023, Zuffalo toured 7 different countries in continental Europe including several performances at Glastonbury Festival, as well as Western Canada with current guitar player David Celia. They have plans to return to Europe in spring 2024.

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